On Demand Computing

For a fixed monthly fee, Apptrix maintains the servers, the latest applications, and your Company's data at our World Class Hosting Center.  A Pioneer in Hosting Mission Critical Systems, Apptrix has been hosting Enterprise-Level applications since 1999.  Through our software and hardware expertise we can provide superior performance and increased security, reliability and scalability over existing in-house IT solutions.  All this and other benefits at significant cost savings.

Hosting Benefits
Minimize Business Risks:

No budget overruns - no surprise expenses.  Companies are able to forecast costs more accurately since they pay a monthly fee.

Business Growth Risk - Apptrix maintains capacity ahead of demand.  Business growth isn't limited by the system.
Software Application Changes - Companies are upgraded to the most current version of the application.  No fear of being left behind on an unsupported version.
Organizational Benefits:

Enable Improved Business Focus - "Do what you do best and outsource the rest."  Data center outsourcing enables the company's management to focus on core business issues.

Access to System Experts - Data center outsourcing provides access to our technical expertise.
Security - Backups that are stored off-site and monthly updates to the latest in anti-virus protection.
Improved Data Center Resources - the company benefits from Apptrix's state of the art data center resources maintained at the current level of technology.

Economic Benefits:

Improved Return on Investment - Reduced hardware costs translates into improved ROI.  The business can redirect its resources toward core activities.

Reduce and Control Operating Costs - The Apptrix alternative typically translates in to 60% to 90% savings in upfront costs, and 30% to 50% in annual savings. Server maintenance and administration costs are our responsibility.  Companies don't need to invest in training employees how to administer the system - the expertise of Apptrix is utilized.


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