Ensure Business Continuity

The Latest security and backup technology, policies and procedures must be in place and monitored to protect every layer in order to ensure business continuity.  Apptrix not only delivers the latest technology but also manages and monitors the security and backup systems to ensure that your mission-critical applications are available when you need them.


The Apptrix backup technology provides real-time fully-automated backups and disk imaging.  Backups can be made locally and sent off-site in real-time to a secured data center.  Automatic discovery technology ensures that all systems are reliably backed up, leaving no systems or data unprotected.  Through point-in-time imaging, the system can be restored to its latest usable state.


Disaster Recovery

When downtime is not an option, ensure that your mission critical applications are available in the event of a disaster.  Our Failover service incorporates real-time replication of data and applications to our data center, so whether you're down due to fire, theft, power outage or some other event, Apptrix is prepared to keep your business applications running. 


Apptrix provides essential security protection that incorporates reactive anti-virus and spyware detection with the latest proactive technologties.  In addition to providing real-time anti-virus protection from viruses, worms and trojans, a unique automatic threat-removal anti-spyware engine is included.  Our End-Point security will scan emails, files and websites to ensure effective protection against malicious programs and threats.